When customers require special operations such as assembly fixtures, weld fixtures, nyclad coating strip units, flaring or welding, these operations may be incorporated into bending machines or built as separate machines to complete a work cell.

Please contact us with your specific requirements and we will discuss a design concept for you.

specialty machines

MTM builds automatic and semi-automatic tube and wire bending machines to custom specifications. Our machines can be built with magazine feed or box features with automatic drop out (typically into plastic totes). If the volume does not warrant complete automation, operator hand load machines can be built.

We use Allen Bradley PLC units, outside perimeter guarding and outside grease blocks where desired. Custom colors are available upon request.

Where air cylinders do not provide adequate power (such as larger diameter tubing) hydraulic power can be provided on machines.


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We even make snowmobile bumper stands. This will keep the track off the ground for when you have to warm the sled and break the ice free or even for summer storage. And the best part you are not breaking your back to do it. So, give us a call for pricing.

after market